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Our family business first started in 1956 with our main showroom located in the heart of Hamilton, NJ. And ever since then we have rapidly grew. But meanwhile with our growth, we had made life time friendships with all our customers and still achieve to do so.


Starting with the largest selection in New Jersey, Pennsylvania

and Delaware, we continue to pledge to our commitment in providing the finest - desirable and quality tile for the needs for our customers. With a 10,000 square foot showroom we carry more than twelve thousand products made from more than twenty-six countries and manufactures. But, what makes our business special than others. Our trust and faith in the products we sell. So head on in to our one stop Tile Shop and make your dream house with us !

About Paul

Paul opened the House of Tile on New Brunswick Ave, in Trenton, and later moved to South Broad Street with a bigger showroom. Paul has a big heart, and is friends with all his customers and contractors since 1969. Paul has continued to serve the area, providing his wise expertise, and friendly service. 


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