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Creativity In Each Kitchen . . . .

Our counter tops will spill beauty, grandeur and color in to your kitchen. All of our counter tops are ensured A Grade Quality with more than 2,000 colors of exotic slabs to choose from. Scroll down below to learn about the various types of counter tops we have to offer. Once you have chosen a stone, feel free to stop by our showroom, so we may guide you to one of our slab yards.


Granite is a natural derived stone, and is available in many extravagant and beautiful colors. Granite is the traditional stone used in many kitchens as it is stronger than marble. Much of our Granite comes from countries such as Brazil, Africa, India and Europe. As you might know, Granite is divided into several grades, from Grades "A" to "D". We always ensure that we give the most finest slab of highest quality (Grade "A") available to our customers.If you enjoy color and motion in your kitchen, them Granite is just perfect for you !


Quartz is the latest buzz of the industry. It's classy, sleek and modern. Quartz is available in two forms. First is the fine natural derived quartz, and the second is the man-made engineered quartz. Both forms are in high demand. Quartz requires little or no maintenance, and is the strongest material out there. Although Quartz has been in the market for quite some time, it is now being used in every trend and fashion in kitchens. We handle designer quartz in which manufacturers such as Cambria, Samsung, LG, and more offer endless possibilities of color and contrast. 


Marble gives a smooth, indulging and tone to your kitchen. Although considered the softest of all stones, Marble is still a pretty popular choice for many kitchens. Much of our Marble comes from Italy ,Turkey and Greece,  where you can expect to find swirl like and warm colors. If you are interested in in simple and intrisitc colors, then Marble is considered as a great option for your kitchen. 

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