Subway tiles imply an simple and stated look. Rather than having glass, subway provides a delicate balance of solid and neutral colors to compromise with cabinets and the flooring of you kitchen. subway tiles will prove to be a timeless trend are available in multiple different colors and materials such as 6x6, 3x6, 3x12, 4x12, 4x16 and many other sizes and available in  ...






Glass Mosaics are getting more popular than ever before. Bringing pop,extravagance and color into your kitchen, glass mosaics will surely awe your mind. All of our glass mosaics, are ensured with top quality and are available in all colors of the spectrum. Come visit our showroom, where you can view our complete 2,500 displays dedicated to glass alone !

 * All of our Glass Mosaics are mounted on a 12"x 12" Mesh *


Maybe adding too much glass to your kitchen, may cause a lot of business in the room. Well how about breaking that with something casual and unique. Glass and Stone Mixed Mosaics, are also another option many customers tend to look at. Most of our Stone is polished and pre-finished offering an almost little to none maintenance . If you think glass and stone mosaics are perfect for you , this is a great choice to add some shine ans customization to your back splash.


Natural stone, is another great way to fashion your back splash. Whether you are looking for that great cozy look of old-fashioned traverntine, or just want an jazzy and glossy marble subway .

All of our natural stone back splashes are available in sizes of 3x6,6x6,4x12,4x4 and many more sizes. Most of them are available in polishes, honed, honed and tumbled and stacked.  

*Tip* - Many of natural stone products require some care and maintenance. A simple tip to use is using 80% Hot Water and Vinegar and clean your backsplash with his mixture with a sponge every 2-3 weeks.

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