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We have the most selection to offer of exceptional tile in all colors and sizes.In fact, we have so much material, even this website is not enough to describe them. But most importantly we only display tile products of superior quality in our showroom, from all over the world. Tile is made from two earth materials, porcelain and ceramic. Over the years ceramic was primarily used, but now the industry has changed with porcelain dominating. Porcelain offers durable strength for all surface uses, tile for bathrooms, showers, kitchens, foyers, patio, and commercial spaces.

TILE MATERIALS - Learn about the types of tile material we carry.


Porcelain is dominating the tile industry . Our porcelain tiles are the strongest and durable material in the market.  We only guarantee to carry porcelain tile of PEI 3 or above and never the cheap stuff. Our promise to give you quality in the most offered selection. Porcelain tile can be used for anywhere inside or outside a residential or commercial space.


Ceramic without a doubt will still remain an designer choice. Ceramic because of its lightness and simplicity can easily manipulate and illustrate beautiful patterns of today's modern trends. Ceramic tiles may be more seen as a wall tile, due to the light density of the clay making it much more easier to install. Ceramic comes in many design,shapes and colors. 

TILE DESIGNS - Take a look at how we categorize tile designs and trends.
floor tile- hjouse of tile- wood look floor tile
house of tile- tile store- natural stone look floor tile
house of tile- subway tile
house of tile- tile store- beige ceramic tile
TILE COLORS - Find out the color families of tile we carry.
Available Tile Sizes - Here's a list of some tile sizes.
1"x 1", 2"x 2",4"x 4",6"x 6","3 x 6","6 x 12", 12"x 12",13" x 13","16 x 16", 18" x 18",
20"x 20",12"x 24", 24" x 24", 12" x 36", 6"x 12",6"x 48", and many more.